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2024 Super Overseas Export Season "Double Export Export"-Enter France

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2024 Super Overseas Export Season "Double Export Export"-Enter France

Recently, the Made in China Network (hereinafter referred to as "MIC International Station") has launched a series of double overseas overseas activities in the super overseas season. The platform has brought a number of senior member companies to participate in the International Engineering Machinery and Building Materials Machinery Expo (INTERMAT2024) in Paris, France. Lyon, France holds an overseas direct procurement conference. While linking up business between China and France, it is also invited to attend the "Asia Night" in Lyon, France and the third Asian Culture Festival in Lyon, France, to convey Chinese culture.

INTERMAT is one of the important exhibitions in the global construction machinery industry. It is the vane of innovative development of construction machinery and a grand stage for the display of new products, new technologies, new construction methods, new services and brands of global construction machinery and building materials. The exhibition attracted 180,000 professional visitors from more than 160 countries and regions. The number of Chinese exhibitors was the second largest after the host France.

Hebei Keluo Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the exhibition with the MIC International Station this time. We mainly deal in complete engineering machinery and spare parts products, and have cooperated with the platform for many years. Shirley, the company's sales manager, said that the "Exhibitions within Exhibitions" service launched by the platform makes it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions.

In addition to exhibition promotion, MIC International Station also promotes business opportunities through other efficient offline marketing methods. On the afternoon of April 29, local time, the platform held the French leg of the Overseas Direct Procurement Conference in Lyon. The "Economic and Trade Cooperation Roundtable for the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France" was also held at the Direct Procurement Conference.

This direct procurement conference attracted more than 50 local French buyers from construction, machinery, light industry and other industries. Many overseas buyers have reached purchasing intentions with MIC International Station member companies.

The roundtable was themed "The Impact of the 60 Years of Sino-French Diplomatic Relations on Sino-French Economic and Trade Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities". The invited guests each shared the Sino-French economic and trade situation and trade experience to help Chinese suppliers gain an in-depth understanding of the French market.

When sharing, Mr. SAUGUES, Chairman of FFAC, said that in 2023, the trade volume between China and France will reach US$78.9 billion. France will become China’s third largest trading partner in the EU. China is France’s largest trading partner in Asia. China-France trade cooperation has broad prospects. . In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has also brought new impetus to the promotion of bilateral trade between China and France. The e-commerce platform has not only brought convenience to many French small businesses to explore the Chinese market, but also promoted the growth of China's exports to France and brought benefits to French consumers. Come for the benefit. He hopes that French companies can strengthen cooperation with MIC International Station to bring more convenience to companies and consumers on both sides, thereby helping the economic development of both sides.

Up to now, MIC International Station has established partnerships with international business and trade organizations in more than 40 countries around the world, and has thus established the "Co-Alliance Global Partner Alliance" to jointly promote the establishment of trade connections between overseas buyers and Chinese suppliers. , Promote the efficient completion of cross-border orders.

In addition, MIC International Station was also invited to attend the "Asia Night" and the 3rd Lyon Asian Culture Festival. The event was hosted by the Asia Center in Lyon, France, and the French Asian-Chinese Business Federation, aiming to promote economic and cultural exchanges between France and Asian countries. At the event, expatriates from China, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries showed their unique cultures to the guests.

This trip to France is another large-scale offline procurement activity of MIC International Station's "Super Overseas Season" dual-line overseas trip after entering the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Morocco. This year, the platform will also organize a wealth of online and offline business activities to bring higher-quality "Made in China" products to overseas buyers and make positive contributions to promoting the healthy development of global trade.

KELUO is a company of machinery, engines, used equipment and spare parts founded by Hanhan in combination with HANJIU, Elephant in the industry.
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