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A Concrete Mixer Truck with a Powerful Engine and Reliable Mixing Device

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A Concrete Mixer Truck with a Powerful Engine and Reliable Mixing Device

DYZ5181GJBD6AC concrete mixer transport truck is a vehicle specially used for concrete mixing and transportation. It adopts advanced technology and design, with efficient mixing capacity and stable transportation performance. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful engine and a reliable mixing device, which can mix the concrete evenly and maintain a stable mixing state. The mixer truck also has a large-capacity mixing tank and a high-strength chassis structure to ensure safe and reliable transportation of concrete. It is also equipped with an advanced control system and humanized cab design, providing operators with a comfortable working environment and convenient operating experience. The DYZ5181GJBD6AC concrete mixer truck is an ideal choice for construction sites and concrete production companies. It can improve work efficiency and concrete quality, and provide reliable support for the smooth progress of engineering projects.


                                          DYZ5181GJBD6AC concrete mixer truck  Basic vehicle parameters 


Product model:DYZ5181GJBD6AC concrete mixer truck
Chassis model:DYQ3181D6AA
Engine:YCS04200-68 Yuchai 200 HP
Vehicle size:7380*2400*3650
Total mass:18000kg
Equipment weight:7650kg
Rated load mass:10200kg
Tires:10.00R20 steel wire tires

Axle base:

3600mm (low center of gravity, more stable driving)
Cab:Dayun G6 new luxury body
Transmission:Fast 8JS85E-C gearbox
Car frame:250×(8+5)/800mm (double-layer through)
Plate spring:9/10+8
Front axle:5T Front axle: (shortened)
Rear axle:10T rear axle: (shortened)
Tank volume:5 cubic meters

Tank color:

Regular color: Windsor white (can be customized according to user requirements)

Tank body material:

The tank body is made of high-strength steel, 5mm material, and the head is made of 8mm.

Hydraulic system:

Top reducer, Interpap pump and motor. (can be optionally provided according to user requirements)


Standard equipment is original air conditioning, cruise control, central locking, remote control key, electric doors and windows, 200-liter aluminum alloy fuel tank, and sun visor.

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