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A TY320C Bulldozer With Strong Stability

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A TY320C Bulldozer With Strong Stability

The TY320C is a specific model of bulldozer manufactured by Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Shantui is a renowned company known for producing high-quality construction equipment, including bulldozers.

Here are some key features and specifications of the TY320C bulldozer:

1. Power and Performance: The TY320C is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers reliable performance for heavy-duty earthmoving tasks. The exact power output and engine specifications may vary depending on the specific configuration and model year.

2. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the TY320C bulldozer typically falls within a certain range, which can vary depending on the configuration and optional attachments. This weight helps provide stability and traction while operating on different terrains.

3. Blade Capacity: The TY320C is equipped with a large, durable blade at the front, which can have a specific capacity for pushing and leveling materials. The blade size and configuration may vary depending on the model and customer requirements.

4. Undercarriage: The bulldozer features a robust undercarriage system that includes tracks, rollers, and other components for improved traction, stability, and maneuverability on various terrains.

5. Operator Comfort: The TY320C is designed with operator comfort in mind. It typically features an enclosed cab with ergonomic controls, adjustable seating, and improved visibility to enhance operator productivity and reduce fatigue.

6. Applications: The TY320C is well-suited for various applications, including construction, mining, land clearing, and other earthmoving projects that require the power and performance of a bulldozer.

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KELUO is a company of machinery, engines, used equipment and spare parts founded by Hanhan in combination with HANJIU, Elephant in the industry.
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