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A Versatile, High-performance Engine

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A Versatile, High-performance Engine

BF6L913 is an engine with excellent performance, this engine is developed by the manufacturer Deutz, this engine is reasonable in structure and easy to operate. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, generator sets and ship power.

Product Description:

BF6L913 engine, compact design. Custom component systems have many different peripheral parts. Modular system, single cylinder layout, high degree of common parts. Also has cold start capability in extreme weather conditions.

Main feature:

1. Good economy: This type of air-cooled diesel engine adopts advanced technical indicators

2. High reliability and long service life: practice has proved that air-cooled diesel engines have lower wear than water-cooled diesel engines.


1. Construction machinery: BF6L913 engines are often used in heavy construction equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. Its power and durability ensure peak performance in demanding construction projects.

2. Generator: This engine is widely used in power generation applications to provide reliable and efficient backup power for various industries.

3. Agricultural machinery: BF6L913 engine is suitable for tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems and other agricultural machinery. Its power and fuel efficiency help increase farmer productivity and reduce operating costs.

4.Ship power: This engine can also be used in ships, including fishing boats, ferries and yachts. Its reliability and performance make it an excellent choice for marine applications.



Power Output

110 to 200 horsepower (82 to 149 kilowatts)


Approximately 5.655 liters


Naturally aspirated

Cooling System


Fuel Type


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