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K5V200 with High Efficiency And Strong Ability To Handle High Voltage

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K5V200 with High Efficiency And Strong Ability To Handle High Voltage

The K5V200 is unlikely to be the main hydraulic pump in a typical excavator due to its size and flow capacity. 

Here's why main pump vs. pilot pump excavators typically have two separate pump systems.

Main Pump This is a high-power, variable displacement pump that supplies the majority of the hydraulic flow for the excavator's digging, lifting, swinging, and other working functions. It can adjust its output based on the operator's needs for precise control and fuel efficiency.

Pilot Pump This is a smaller, lower-power pump that provides hydraulic fluid for the excavator's control system. It allows the main pump to shut down during low-flow situations to conserve energy. Pilot pumps are typically gear pumps due to their lower cost, reliability, and ability to deliver consistent flow at moderate pressures.

K5V200 Specifications:

The K5V200 is a axial piston pump , known for high efficiency and ability to handle high pressures. These characteristics align more with a main pump.

However, its size suggests it might not be suitable for the main pump in smaller to medium-sized excavators.

Listings for the K5V200 are often found alongside excavator main pumps This could be misleading because it might be listed as a compatible replacement, not the standard pump for a particular excavator model.

Excavator pilot pumps This suggests it might be used in other applications besides the main pump in certain excavators.

Possible Applications of K5V200 in Excavators:

Main Pump in Larger Excavators While uncommon, some very large excavators might utilize the K5V200 as their main pump due to its ability to handle high flow and pressure.

Secondary or Auxiliary pump:

Some excavators might have a secondary or auxiliary pump system for powering specific attachments or functions. The K5V200 could be a candidate for this role in certain applications.

Here's what you can do to confirm the K5V200's function in an excavator

Check the pump for a part number Kawasaki often includes application information in their part numbers.

Consult the user manual or parts catalog for your specific excavator model.

Contact a Hebei Keluo Construction Machinery hydraulics specialist for further assistance.

KELUO is a company of machinery, engines, used equipment and spare parts founded by Hanhan in combination with HANJIU, Elephant in the industry.
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