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N-AP2D28 Pump Excavators

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N-AP2D28 Pump Excavators

The N-AP2D28 is a gear pump used in various applications, with a strong of being a pilot pump or a charge pump in excavators. Here's a breakdown of the information available.

Model Breakdown:

N- Similar to the N-AP2D25, this prefix likely indicates a specific manufacturer or series, but without further information, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact origin.

AP2D28 This portion likely represents the core model designation used by the manufacturer.

Function Based on the model name containing AP2D28 and its association with hydraulic applications, the N-AP2D28 is likely a gear pump used for one of two main purposes in excavators.

Pilot Pump:This is the most probable application. Gear pumps are commonly used as pilot pumps due to their:



Ability to deliver consistent flow at moderate pressures - ideal for pilot pump requirements.

As with the N-AP2D25, pilot pumps provide low-pressure, high-volume hydraulic fluid for fuel efficiency During low-flow situations, they allow the main hydraulic pumps to shut down.

Control system operation They supply fluid to the excavator's control system, which uses pressure and flow to move the spools in the main hydraulic control valve. These spools then direct the high-pressure flow from the main pumps to the excavator's actuators (arm, bucket, tracks, etc.).

Charge Pump In some excavator models, the N-AP2D28 might be a charge pump. Charge pumps maintain pressure in the excavator's hydraulic system to prevent cavitation (formation and collapse of vapor bubbles) in the main pumps, which can damage them and reduce efficiency.

Compatibility Similar to the N-AP2D25, without details about the manufacturer (N-), pinpointing exact excavator models is challenging. However, online listings suggest compatibility with excavators from

Kobelco (specifically SK60-5 model)

Volvo (possibly EC55B or EC70B models)

Other brands (there are likely other excavators that use the N-AP2D28)

Confirming the N-AP2D28 Function in Your Excavator

Check the Pump Look for a part number on the pump itself. Manufacturers often encode application information within part numbers. This can help identify the specific manufacturer (N-) and potentially the intended use (pilot pump or charge pump).

Consult the Manual Refer to the user manual or parts catalog for your specific excavator model. It should specify the function (pilot pump or charge pump) and location of the N-AP2D28 pump.

Contact a Specialist  hydraulics specialist Hebei Keluo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. They can provide detailed information based on the specific model and pump in question.

Key Points to Remember

The N-AP2D28 is likely a gear pump used in hydraulic systems.

In excavators, it's most likely a pilot pump due to its design and typical use with moderate flow and pressure.

It's also a possibility that it functions as a charge pump in specific models.

Refer to your excavator's manual or consult a specialist for definitive confirmation.

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