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Strong Mobility BF 3M 1011 Deutz Engine Powerful Performance

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The DEUTZ BF 3M 1011 is a 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine manufactured by DEUTZ AG, a renowned German engine manufacturer. It belongs to the 1011 Series engine series, known for its compact size, high performance, and fuel efficiency.


1.Key Specifications


Displacement 3.6 liters (220 cubic inches)

Bore 105 mm (4.13 inches)

Stroke 135 mm (5.31 inches)


2.Aspiration Turbocharged:


Power Output Up to 55 kW (74 hp) at 2200 rpm.

Torque Output Up to 290 Nm (214 lb-ft) at 1600 rpm.

Emissions Standards:Compliant with various emissions standards, including EPA Tier 3 and Euro V.




The BF 3M 1011 engine finds applications in a wide range of compact and light-duty machinery, including:


(1)Construction Equipment:Mini-excavators, skid steers, compact wheel loaders.


(2)Agricultural Machinery:Compact tractors, lawnmowers, garden tillers.


(3)Material Handling Equipment:Forklifts, pallet jacks.


(4)Generators:Portable generators.


(5)Auxiliary Power Units: Industrial applications, emergency power.


4.Features and Benefits:


(1)Compact Size:Ideal for space-constrained applications.

(2)High Performance:Delivers ample power for its size.

(3)Fuel Efficiency:Utilizes advanced combustion technology to minimize fuel consumption.

(4)Low Emissions:Complies with stringent emissions standards to reduce environmental impact.

(5)Durability:Built to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide long service life.


5.Notable Users:


The BF 3M 1011 engine is a popular choice among leading manufacturers of compact and light-duty machinery, including:








Overall, the DEUTZ BF 3M 1011 is a powerful, efficient, and compact diesel engine that serves as a workhorse in various applications where space is a constraint.


Here are some additional resources where you can find more information about the DEUTZ BF 3M 1011 engine.


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