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Used Kobelco Sk210lc Excavator

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Used Kobelco Sk210lc Excavator

The hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pipe, motor engine guarantee the original car.

Kobelco SK210LC-8-domestic excavator is a construction machinery equipment with excellent performance and high reliability. It adopts advanced technology and design, which can effectively meet the needs of various engineering constructions.


Second, the handling performance of this excavator is excellent. It adopts advanced hydraulic system and precise control device, which can ensure that the operator can precisely control the various actions of the excavator. In addition, the excavator also has good stability and driving performance, and can adapt to various complex working environments.



Machine working weight (kg): 21200

Bucket capacity (square): 1

Stick length (mm): 2.94


Body size:

Total transport length (mm): 9450

Total transport width (mm): 2800

Total transport height (mm): 2980

Counterweight ground clearance (mm): 1060

Track ground length (mm): 3370

Total track length (mm): 4170

Track shoe width (mm): 600

Total track width (mm): 2800

Track Gauge (mm): 2200

Minimum ground clearance (mm): 450

The minimum turning radius of the front working device (mm): 3540

Rear turning radius (mm): 2750


Engine model:

Hino Hino J05E rated power (Kw/rpm): 114/2000

Displacement (L): 5.123

Number of cylinders: 4 Bore x stroke (mm x mm): 112 x 130

Cooling method: water cooling Remarks: direct injection, four-stroke, turbocharged, built-in intercooler



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