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Widely Used Deutz Bf4m2012c Engine with Multiple Advantages

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Widely Used Deutz Bf4m2012c Engine with Multiple Advantages

Deutz BF4M2012C is widely used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, engine blocks as well as industrial applications.


1.Construction Equipment: The BF4M2012C powers construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers and compactors. Its rugged design and reliable performance make it suitable for demanding construction environments.

2.Agricultural Machinery: This engine is typically used in agricultural equipment such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and irrigation pumps. It provides enough power to efficiently handle farm tasks.

3.Generator Sets: The BF4M2012C can also be used as a primary or backup power source for residential and commercial generator sets. Its reliable operation ensures uninterrupted power supply in emergencies or off-grid locations.

4.Industrial Applications: Various industrial machinery such as compressors, crushers, screens, pumps and mills rely on the durability and performance of this engine to run smoothly.

These are just a few examples of how the Deutz BF4M2012C engine is widely used in different industries. However, its versatility allows it to be applied in various other fields according to specific requirements.




Power Output

74 to 116 horsepower (55 to 87 kilowatts)


Approximately 3.12 liters



Cooling System


Fuel Type



1. Rugged and Reliable: The BF4M2012C engine is known for its solid construction, ensuring durability and service life even under harsh operating conditions.

2. High Power Output: With a power output range of 74 to 116 hp (55 to 87 kW), this engine provides ample power for a variety of applications.

3. Efficient performance: BF4M2012C is equipped with a turbocharged induction system that provides excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining high performance levels.

In short, these advantages together make the Deutz BF4M2012C engine an attractive choice for many industrial applications where reliability, performance, efficiency and ease of maintenance are key factors.

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