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Brand New Volvo D4D Engine for Truck with Low Noise

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The Volvo D4D engine is a high-performance diesel engine with a displacement of 4 liters and four cylinders that offers exceptional fuel efficiency combined with low emissions. It provides between 70 kW to 140 kW of power output while producing torque ranging from 300 Nm to 400 Nm depending on the model. The D4D features advanced technologies like common rail injection system, variable geometry turbocharging, and exhaust gas recirculation which enhance its overall performance. Its compact design allows it to fit into various vehicle types including sedans and SUVs while maintaining excellent reliability over extended periods of use. Overall, the Volvo D4D engine is an ideal choice for customers who value both efficiency and power in their engines
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  • D4D

  • Volvo


Volvo D4D engine


246 CID, 4.038 liter

Power variants

94 hp, 70 kW @2400 rpm


4.764 inches 121.0 mm

Torque variants

360 lb.ft, 480 Nm @1400 rpm


4.96 inches 126.0 mm

Weight variants

858 lb, 390 kg

Compression Ratio


Avantages in product:


  • Unit pump design provides stable performance and high reliability, which has been proven in European markets for more than 15 years.

  • Optimized for local and abroad market requirements and satisfy various industrial purpose.

  • Customized and modular engines - large number of choices for customer.

  • Economical and cost effective, special developed for industrial purpose.

  • Reliable and durable design combining high power density and torque reserves.

  • Precise design, low failure rate and longer life.

  • Lower engine noise level without additional auxiliaries, lower vibration, better adaptability.

  • Compact engine design provides easy maintenance access - engine maintenance side provides all relevant service points, easy operation.

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