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Used Volvo Ec380dl Excavator

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  • EC380DL

  • Volvo

The Volvo EC380DL crawler excavator can help you increase productivity. With increased engine power and an improved hydraulic system, this machine delivers higher digging forces and faster cycle times, so you get more power and productivity.

【Technical Parameters】

Model: EC380DL

Operating Weight: 37,800 - 41,100 Kg

Total power: 219 kW

Engine speed: 1,700 rpm

Bucket volume: 1.35 - 3 m³

Lift capacity at chassis: 14,540 Kg

Lifting distance/height: 6 / 1.5 m

Maximum digging distance: 11,720 mm

Maximum digging depth: 8,150 mm

Bucket digging force, SAE J1179 (normal): 198 kN

Bucket digging force, SAE J1179 (power boost): 215 kN

Arm Digging Force, SAE J1179 (Normal): 141 kN

Arm Digging Force, SAE J1179 (Power Boost): 154 kN

Overall width (ft in): 3,340 mm

Tail turning radius: 3,800 mm

Machine configuration: arm 6.45m; small arm 3.9m; track shoes 600mm; counterweight 6500kg

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