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Brand New 8 Ton Vibratory Steel Road Roller Compactor for Earthmoving

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An 8 ton road roller is a heavy-duty construction equipment used for compacting soil, asphalt, and other materials during road construction and maintenance. The roller is powered by a diesel engine and consists of a large drum at the front and rear that applies pressure to the surface being compacted. The operator sits in a cab located on top of the roller and controls the speed and direction of movement. The roller is typically equipped with vibration and oscillation systems that further enhance the compaction process. With its high compaction force and ability to operate on rough terrain, the 8 ton road roller is an essential tool for road construction and maintenance projects.
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  • 8 ton

  • Keluo

Product Description

Here's a brief introduction to our 8 ton single drum roller compactor:


Comparing to the 4-ton and 6-ton single drum road rollers, the 8-ton single drum road roller has several advantages in terms of performance.

Firstly, due to its heavier weight and larger drum size, the 8-ton road roller can generate more compaction force, which means it can achieve better road compaction in fewer passes, saving time and labor costs.

Secondly, it has a larger fuel tank and more powerful engine, which increases the machine's operational efficiency, enabling it to work for longer periods without frequent refueling or maintenance.

Thirdly, the 8-ton road roller has better stability and an improved balance system, which means it can handle uneven terrain with ease and provide safer operation in challenging working conditions.

Overall, the 8-ton single drum road roller is a more powerful and versatile machine than the 4-ton or 6-ton rollers, making it ideal for a wide range of road construction projects.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Operating speed


Operating weight

8000 kg

Diesel engine

YUNNEI 4102 turbo-charge(Tier III) 88kW

Vibrating wheel diameter

1200 mm

Articulated steering

Double bearing, double cylinder steering

Starting voltage


Width of steel wheel

1850 mm

Brake system

Disc gas cap oil brake

Minimum turning radius

5000 mm

Overall dimensions

4550*2090*2750 mm

Vibratory force

120 kN

Vibratory frequency

70 Hz


An 8 ton road roller compactor is commonly used in road construction and maintenance. It is particularly useful for compacting soil, gravel, asphalt, and other materials to make the surface more stable and smooth. Some of the specific applications of an 8 ton road roller compactor include:

1. Asphalt and road construction: The compactor is used to compact asphalt and other materials during road construction to make the surface smoother and more durable.

2. Landscaping and gardening: The compactor can be used to create a level surface for landscaping and gardening projects.

3. Landfill work: The compactor is used to compact waste materials in a landfill to maximize the space available.

4. Parking lots and driveways: The compactor can be used to compact gravel and other materials to create a level and stable surface for parking lots and driveways.

5. Trench and pipeline work: The compactor is used to compact soil around trenches and pipelines to prevent settling and damage.

KELUO is a company of machinery, engines, used equipment and spare parts founded by Hanhan in combination with HANJIU, Elephant in the industry.
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