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Earthwork Machine 3 Ton Vibratory Hydraulic Road Roller Compactor with Double Drum

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A 3-ton road roller compactor is a heavy equipment machine used in construction and road maintenance. It is commonly used for compacting soil, asphalt, concrete, and other materials during road construction, repair, and maintenance. A 3-ton road roller compactor is an essential piece of equipment for any construction or road maintenance project that requires soil, asphalt, or concrete compaction.
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  • 3 ton

  • Keluo

Product Description

Vibratory roller is mainly used for compacting asphalt, sand and gravel. It is also used for school track compaction and lawn leveling. This is the latest model of lightweight roller in the world. The 3 ton full hydraulic roller is a double-drum vibratory roller.

It adopts advanced technology, so it has strong power and superior performance. It is composed of frame, front wheel, rear wheel, power system, control system, hydraulic system, electrical system, sprinkler system, mud scraping system, paint and marking, roll cage and other parts. It use two-wheel drive, the front wheel is a steering wheel, and the rear wheel is a vibrating wheel. The operation is more convenient.

The frame adopts an articulated frame structure, and the width of the steel wheel is larger than that of the fuselage, so it can be compacted as close as possible to the curb without pressure leakage or damage. The transmission efficiency of the hydraulic system is high, and the driving is safe and reliable.

Here are some of the key features and specifications of a 3-ton road roller compactor:

  • Weight: The machine weighs approximately 3 tons, making it easy to transport to job sites.
  • Drum: The roller compactor has a large, heavy drum on the front or rear that is used to compact the material.
  • Vibration: The drum may be equipped with a vibration system that helps to enhance the compaction process.
  • Steering: The machine is usually equipped with a hydraulic steering system for easy maneuverability.


Operating speed




Drive mode

Fully hydraulic dual drive

Vibration mode

Full hydraulic vibration

Static line load


Nominal amplitude

0.6 mm

Tank volume

220 L

Hydraulic tank volume

60 L

Diesel engine




Vibrating wheel diameter

630 mm

Operating weight

3000 kg

Width of steel wheel

1200 mm

Starting mode

Electrical Starting

Overall dimensions

2450*1200*1900 mm

Vibratory force

30 kN

Vibratory frequency

65 Hz

Detailed Image



The 3 ton road roller compactor is commonly used in road construction projects to compact and level soil, gravel, asphalt, and other materials. Some of the specific applications of a 3 ton road roller compactor include:

1. Compacting roads, highways, and other large paved surfaces

2. Leveling and compacting soil and gravel in preparation for pavement or other construction

3. Compacting and smoothing asphalt surfaces, such as driveways and parking lots

4. Compacting and smoothing concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks and curbs

These compactors are often used by construction companies, government agencies, and other organizations involved in road and infrastructure projects.

KELUO is a company of machinery, engines, used equipment and spare parts founded by Hanhan in combination with HANJIU, Elephant in the industry.
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